Halogen[r]Eve [Remix EP]

I, absentee [IA045]
Artwork by rumorse

Halogen Eve

I, absentee [IA036]
Artwork by rumorse

waves for rumours

A Future Without
Artwork by Peter Büschelberger

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Dog Eared Records [no.32]
Artwork by Michael Roper


Sandra Sasera: "En Japón se come con palillos"
Japan Photo Collection
[music: "Electrah" by rumorse]


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Some reviews...

::: I, absentee ::: [16.08.2010]
[...] Rumorse makes his debut for I, Absentee in autumn 2010 with "Halogen Eve", a beautiful collection of IDM and melodic electronica. [...] Rumorse's deftly produced debut for I, Absentee of lush electronica and IDM. [...]

::: The Sirens Sound ::: [15.09.2010]
[...] Clean electronica music with a touch soft-IDM. Beautiful listen from start to finish. You can streme listen the entire album on high quality at Rumorse Blogspot. Totally worthy. Love it on the 1st listen… adoring it on the 2nd listen. Like said clean electro… Something you might want to consider here. [...]

::: Rebel Riffs ::: [20.10.2010]
[...] On presentation this whole project gets full score from me, some of the sounds are awesome - and this from someone who knows how hard it is to coax something emotional out of unthinking silicon chip. I think it best to describe most of the CD as being of a mellow tone of mood and - as such - it's excellent, especially as the tracks seem to melt into one another very well. I spent a lot of time listening to this on the move and that it where Drifting Chroma came into its own for me; my kind of electronica, Exquisite. [...]

::: Cyclic Defrost ::: [27.11.2010]
[...] refracted twinkling tones echoing like raindrops over a gentle swell of brooding ambient synths [...] distorted pulsing bass synths buzzing like a powerline against a winding backdrop of bendy analogue Moog keys [...] flickering layers of edits lending a disorienting edge to the eerie theremin wails and ghostly female vocal harmonies as burbling synth arpeggios rise up in the mix in epic fashion [...] tech-house rhythmic pulse rising to the surface as the wafting synth pads call to mind Global Communication-style ambient house [...] fairly solid IDM-centred listen [...]


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